A new generation


The result of a dedicated programme of R&D and end user collaboration, SKY MANTIS 2 delivers ultimate resilience, enhanced power and next-level imaging coupled with all the benefits of the original, including extreme weather operability, hot drop tether, rapid deployment and hot swappable payloads.

New features

  • Ultimate resilience

    Doodle Labs Mesh Rider radio as standard, bringing the benefit of extensive front-line testing to deliver industry-leading resilience.

  • Enhanced power

    New, upgraded propulsion system offers best-ever reliability and stabilisation in flight, with the power to lift up to 2kg extra weight payload.

  • Next-level imaging

    New daylight 30X zoom HD camera with elevated image stabilisation for superior focus.

  • Better user safety and comfort

    Optional external radio enables operation at a safe distance from detection and achieves better range with aerial mounted on a tripod or vehicle.

  • Improved navigation

    Upgraded GNSS modules for greater resilience and signal strength for GPS.

  • Upgraded battery connectivity

    Blade battery connectors offer enhanced reliability.

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1 hour flight time / 48 hours on tether


Extreme weather operability in temperatures of-30°C/+50°C, winds of 75 kmh / 46 Mph / 40 knots / 21 m/s, and heavy rain


Rapid deployment of around 1 minute and fast battery swap


Dual HD 30X zoom low light EO and 640x512 30FPS thermal as standard


Single carry-all backpack with charger, GCS, aircraft and spare battery


A range of task-specific payloads: 61 MP photography / mapping / surveying, OGI, Gas sniffer, IMSI catcher


All-in-one GCS including radio and video screen


Customisable payloads via modular quick release system

Use case details


Locate people and animals in the dark rapidly

Find people or animals in the dark or camouflaged against background easily


30 X optical zoom

ID vehicle number plate 300 meters and people, vehicle make model and colour, weapons and more 1KM


Immediate & Comprehensive Awareness

Gain immediate and comprehensive situational awareness with a clear view from above.


Find Missing Persons or Suspects

Autonomous, sensing auto pilot system. An all around visual awareness, orientation and collision avoidance.


Assess Fire Progress

Asses fire progress, levels and locations in close up details.


Locate Building Hot Spots

Locate building hot spots – including roofs – rapidly and accurately.


Provide Overwatch

Provide overwatch without being seen or heard (from 600 meters or more).


Carry Out Security Perimeter Inspections

Carry out security perimeter inspections by plotting a waypoint flight plan on a map.


Conduct Structural Inspections

Conduct structural inspections – from above or below (thanks to the front mounted gimbal).


  • Gas Sniffer
    Gas Sniffer Gas sensor option for Sky Mantis 2. Increase operational safety and raise detection capabilities for a wide range of applications.

    • Pinpoint leakages faster
    • Ensure regulatory compliance
    • Reduce the risk of unplanned shutdowns and environmental hazards
    • Get access to clear, understandable data

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  • 61 Megapixel Survey Camera
    61 Megapixel Survey Camera Ultra high resolution camera for surveying, mapping and surveillance.

    •Resolution: 61 MP (9504 x 6336 px)
    •Stabilisation: 2 axis, pitch and roll, mechanical and digital
    •Format: 50 mm full frame
    •IP Rating: IP65


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  • OGI Gas Leak Detection
    OGI Gas Leak Detection Specialist payload for visualising gas flow and leaks. Capable of detecting and visualising hydrocarbon gas leaks at low flow rates.

    •Safely spot Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) leaks
    •Minimise emissions & ensure air quality
    •Scan large areas quickly, efficiently at a reasonable cost
    •Improve process safety by reducing potential for fires or explosions
    •Improve planned or scheduled maintenance repairs
    •Increase productivity
    •Reduction of “unaccounted” gas
    •Meet regulatory requirements and reduce regulatory fines
    •Easy to interpret

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Other products

Infinity Tether

48 hour, all weather, compact 110 meter / 360 feet, droppable in flight tether for powering Sky Mantis.

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Field to Command

Secure live video streaming from the UAV to anywhere in the world over mobile internet bonded 4-SIM router with less than 1 second lag/delay.

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