born to find solutions

Evolve Dynamics was born to find solutions to hard, real world problems –
through UAV technology. We continue to do so – now and going forward.

We Aim To Contribute To A Better Future

We always start with the users, understanding of the problems they are facing and the tasks they are trying to accomplish.
We have a love of designing and engineering effective solutions to real problems facing public sector, security, special services, defence and environmental agencies worldwide.

We aim to contribute to a better future, by enabling a more carbon neutral, secure and safe environment, delivering life-saving equipment, and providing value-for-money.

Best way to understand the use & benefits of our technology is to see it in action and have a go

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Chief Commercial Officer


Sky Mantis

Rapidly deployable, all weather UAV/RPAS with 1 hour flight time, modular payloads including 30X zoom, 640 thermal, robust ground controller (GCS), intelligent software and ease of use.

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Infinity Tether

48 hour, all weather, compact 110 meter / 360 feet, droppable in flight tether for powering Sky Mantis.

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Field to Command

Secure live video streaming from the UAV to anywhere in the world over mobile internet bonded 4-SIM router with less than 1 second lag/delay.

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