Mission Specific Unmanned
Aircraft Systems


We design and built missions Specific Aircraft and supporting modules

Airframe and propulsion design

Using our in-house developed AI based software (similar to a system recently developed by the MIT), we calculate and select the ideal frame configuration, battery type and size matched with a propulsion system that delivers the best performing and most cost effective solution. Our database of propulsion systems and their performance as well as ability to build custom batteries to the exact capacity required means we can achieve the (almost) impossible.

Payload integration

The mission is the payload, not the UAV. We can design the UAV around your payload to ensure the payload is positioned perfectly, performs to the best of its ability, is easy to install, remove and maintain and is protected as required. Last thing you want is an advanced, fragile camera system that is too delicate to handle in the field by operators for a successful mission.

UAV design consultancy

With a huge breadth and wealth of skills, experience and industries in our arsenal, we can help you solve the most complex UAV design problem - be it airframe design, propulsion system configuration, airframe transformation, mechatronics, image and data processing and conversion, video and data transmission extension, antennae optimisation, propeller design and performance improvement and much more.

UAV build services

If neither Sky Mantis or Revolution deliver the solutions that you need, we can work with you to design a custom system that will. Get in touch to discuss your project. Initial consultation is free of charge and our custom systems are cost effective due to our novel approach to rapid manufacturing and materials use.

Ground Control Stations

The UAV itself is only half of the solution. A great UAV is one which is easy to control and where data you need is clearly presented - so you can identify, assess and act before it’s too late. Our ground stations are custom built to provide the best user experience - based on decades of building user-centric solutions thanks to finely tuned methodologies and processes.

Battery integration solutions

Anybody can stick an RC LiPo into a drone (and many do just that). We spent years testing many different battery solutions and have developed a best in class hybrid that can be rolled out into small or large UAV’s for best flight endurance and energy density - without compromising safety. Our batteries also include rapid swap enclosures for extremely fast operation. No more push/pull cables, let alone velcro!

Exa Iris
Emergency and special services UAV

6.5Kg all up weight

1 hour true flight time
(in-air / on-mission time)

50 Mph capable (reduced flight time)

Dual on board camera options

X30 optical zoom HD 1080p RGB camera

640x512 high resolution thermal / IR option

HD live video streaming option

5-10 Km video streaming range option

225° viewing angle

90° “straight up”,
90° “straight down” view

20cm x 40cm x 13cm folded

Rapid battery swap (under 20 seconds)

Under 30 seconds from bag-to-air

Rugged carry back pack

Heavy lift medium sized modular UAV platform

10kg payload capability

45 minutes flight (with 10kg load)

12 motor high redundancy

Folding for easy transport:

Rapid swap battery pack:

Top and/or bottom payload installation

Top and/or bottom battery attachment

Modular rapid swap payload tray

Autonomous, sensing auto pilot system

Sense and avoid / collision avoidance

Indoor, underground, tunnel orientation

Computer vision based sensing

Non-GPS, centimetre precision orientation

GPS denied environment capable

All around awareness

Long range detection
(50 meters+)

Passive, non emitting
(no laser or radar)

High precision GPS (non RTK)

RTK GPS support if required


Come join a team working on the future of UAV and drones
UAV engineer
  • Advanced Electronics
  • Radio transmission
  • Data security
  • Intermediate software development
  • Hands on UAV build experience
  • Electrical engineering and principles
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Attractive package
  • Options / equity
  • Opportunity to build the next generation of UAV
Head of business development
  • Strong growth track record
  • Varied industry background
  • UAV industry experience
  • Capable of demonstrating complex technology
  • Structured thinker
  • Consultative sales approach
  • Goal focussed
  • Attractive package
  • Options / equity
  • Opportunity to build the next generation of UAV
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Deliver best-in-class, safe and easy to use UAV and drone solutions, components and systems by leading innovation in hyper-efficient flight and next generation autonomy

The Team

Michael Dewhirst
Founder and CEO
Pier Lorenzo Pessah
Senior UAV Engineer
Pantelis Pantelidis
Electronic Engineer
Yury Andreyko
Software Engineer
Alex Meleychuk
Mechnical Engineer
Dmitry Natalevich
Electronic Engineer
Alex Alfimov
Exa Iris Lead
Steve Swain

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