New partnership for Australia and New Zealand

Evolve Dynamics has today signed an exciting new partnership agreement with Criterion Solutions to take industry-leading uncrewed systems technology into the markets of Australia and New Zealand. 

The CEO of Evolve Dynamics, Mike Dewhirst, signed the agreement with Andrew Windsor, Director of Criterion Solutions, at the UK Home Office’s Security and Policing event at Farnborough International. Evolve Dynamics’ recently-launched SKY MANTIS 2 will augment Criterion Solutions’ offering of intelligence and surveillance capabilities for the police, security and defence industries across Australia and New Zealand.

Evolve Dynamics’ SKY MANTIS 2 represents a new generation of UAV technology, delivering ultimate resilience and next-level imaging for use cases where endurance and intelligence are key. SKY MANTIS 2 is the result of a dedicated programme of R&D and collaboration with end users across sectors including public safety and security, and has been rigorously tested with defence forces on the front line in Ukraine. For customers in policing and security, SKY MANTIS 2 offers a wealth of must-have features, including the latest in anti-jamming technology, upgraded GNSS modules for improved GPS signal, and an ultra high resolution 61MP camera for unmatched surveillance capabilities. SKY MANTIS 2 also benefits from extreme weather operability, withstanding winds up to 46 mph, heavy rain and temperatures from -30°C to +50°C, as well as the ability to fly on a hot drop tether, sub 1 minute deployment, and modular task-specific payloads including thermal imaging, MWIR, IMSI Catcher and HD 30X zoom low light EO.

Evolve Dynamics’ CEO, Mike Dewhirst, commented:

“We are proud to partner with Criterion Solutions to bring SKY MANTIS 2 to the policing, security and defence sectors in Australia and New Zealand, completing Evolve Dynamics’ customer base across AUKUS. From a programme of recent demonstrations to Australian customers, we are confident of the value that SKY MANTIS 2 can bring to government agencies’ operations in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in the region, with specialist in-country support delivered by Criterion Solutions.”

Criterion Solutions’ Director, Andrew Windsor, commented:

“Criterion Solutions is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality UAS products. The SKY MANTIS 2 represents an exciting, tested and agile platform to meet our customers’ needs in the ISR domain.  We look forward to working closely with Evolve Dynamics as we support the introduction of this class-leading capability to the Australian and New Zealand markets.”   

For more information about SKY MANTIS 2 and supply to Australia and New Zealand contact

Evolve Dynamics was exhibiting at the UK Home Office’s Security and Policing show, held at Farnborough International, UK from 12 to 14 March 2024. Security and Policing is hosted by the Joint Security & Resilience Centre, organised by DODS and ADS Group, of which Evolve Dynamics is proud to be a member.