North Texas Public Safety Training Scenario with UAV/UAS carried out by Evolve Dynamics & STRAX Intelligence

On 22-23 June 2021, Safeware, Inc. organised the North Texas Public Safety Training Scenario (P.S.T.S.). The hands-on incident training, hosted by the City of Dallas Police department at the DPD Range, brought together multiple manufacturers to showcase solutions designed for Public Safety. Among them were Evolve Dynamics, with its Sky Mantis and Infinity Tether alongside STRAX Intelligence Group, with their real-time Response Platform providing informative demonstrations and instructional scenarios throughout.

“Scenario training is a critical activity that gives officers a tactical advantage and prepares them for life-threatening events.  Combining these scenarios with technology solution providers that can enhance their capabilities only heightens their potential to protect and serve their communities”.

Peter Van KIrk, National Director of Government Security Solutions for Saferware, Inc.

Sky Mantis, Evolve Dynamics’ UK made all-weather UAV, seamlessly integrates with the STRAX software Platform which allows users to stream any Sky Mantis video to any screen around the world – desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Real time, with less than 1 second lag “glass to glass”.

This integration applies well to senior officers who can command and coordinate a unit from their headquarters, simultaneously, regardless of where the action is taking place. With its dual payload (Dual HD 36X zoom low light EO and 640×512 30FPS thermal / IR), Sky Mantis ensures the accuracy of data that is streamed onto the commander’s unit where officers can make informed decisions.

Delivered directly into the Strax platform, both the daylight and thermal feeds are viewable side by side. Mapping information is also sent via a STANAG compliant feed and shows aircraft and target location as latitude, longitude and MGRS (other formats are also supported).

Evolve Dynamics are all about customer focus and our products are built around the Operators’ needs. Sky Mantis’ software is highly customisable to allow its integration with numerous software solutions out there, like the STRAX platform which makes our systems truly versatile and brings Public Safety a step forward“.

Mike Dewhirst, CEO & Founder of Evolve Dynamics

Services can plan ahead their actions by having all-around visual awareness, orientation and collision avoidance in a given situation. Evolve Dynamics’ software compatibility with multi operational systems like the STRAX platform offers great agility, flexibility and adaptability to the UAS.

“The opportunity to collaborate with industry colleagues and demonstrate our Response Solution’s ability to integrate intelligence from multiple sources into a common operating platform, such as Evolve’s Sky Mantis UAV, in real-world training scenarios is vital to the future of Public Safety. These events showcase the importance of public-private partnerships and help to ensure the safety of our communities”

Scott Adams, CEO if STRAX Intelligence