Field to Command

Parallel dual daylight EO and thermal video streaming, including telemetry, from the aircraft gimbal to anywhere in the world in under 1 second.

Comprised of an in-house developed video transcoding and streaming workflow and a physical LTE/3G/4G 4-SIM bonded mobile internet rugged battery powered router.

The workflow delivers video from the aircraft to a remote server, where it can be viewed via a web browser on any device. The entire workflow is 256 bit AES encrypted “glass to glass” lag/delay is 600 to 800 ms (under 1 second).

Telemetry is also delivered to the server and viewer, allowing accurate mapping data to be viewed in real time, including aircraft, target view and GCS locations, all in latitude, longitude and MGRS formats (custom formats can be provided).

Details & Specifications

SAAS & Customer Hosted

Field to Cloud is available in SAAS (hosted by Evolve Dynamics and charged monthly based on number of users and aircraft) and customer hosted (annual fixed software license regardless of usage) options.”

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Coordinate & Command Units from Anywhere

A command and control truck 500 meters away or head quarters 100’s of miles away – even half way around the Earth.

Stream Side by Side

View both video streams in real time side by side on the big screen or your desktop.

Collaborate Across Forces & Geographies

Collaborate across forces and geographies from a central location or across several command and control centres.

Have as Many Commanders View the Video Simultaneously

Autonomous, sensing auto pilot system. An all around visual awareness, orientation and collision avoidance.

Other products


Sky Mantis

Rapidly deployable, all weather UAV/RPAS with 1 hour flight time, modular payloads including 30X zoom, 640 thermal, robust ground controller (GCS), intelligent software and ease of use.

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Infinity Tether

48 hour, all weather, compact 110 meter / 360 feet, droppable in flight tether for powering Sky Mantis.

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