Delivering Defence Capability through Sky Mantis UAV

Our customers and users drive our product development and are at the very heart of our business. Whether operating in contested environments, patrolling vulnerable borders, or running reconnaissance – with difficult ingress, transport and complex logistics in adverse weather – the capabilities of our Sky Mantis UAV system are designed to respond to all of their needs and more.

We are proud to serve military customers, including the UK Ministry of Defence, and to play a vital role in delivering the UK’s sovereign defence manufacturing capability, helping to protect our home and allied nations.

In this video we demonstrate the use of Sky Mantis, our extreme weather UAS system in a military context, showcasing the following market-leading features:

– Sub 60 second deployment
– Hot drop tether
– AES-256 encrypted broadcast to command centres 
– 60 minute flight time on battery / 30 minutes post tether drop
– Advanced ISTAR payloads that easily detect the adversary
– Rugged and easy to handle launch and transport
– Interoperability with a host of other equipment 

To discover more about Sky Mantis, contact our team to book a call, or a demo at your location. 

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