Insights from the Front Line

Featuring on a recent webinar with new radio technology partner Doodle Labs, Evolve Dynamics’ CEO Mike Dewhirst shared his own exclusive insights into the challenges of operating drones on the front line in Ukraine.

Ukraine is at the heart of our mission at Evolve Dynamics and we have had a team operating there for the last six years, predating the current conflict. As a result, we are uniquely placed to understand the nature of the modern battlefield and how warfare technology is evolving.

The webinar, entitled ‘Flying Drones in the World’s Most Challenging Environments’, was held by US-based industry body the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), and examined how to overcome the difficulties posed by electronic warfare, inclement weather and low visibility.

Watch the webinar recording below to discover Mike’s take on topics including:

– How to counter the effects of Electronic Warfare (EW)/jamming on UAVs

– Safeguarding against terrorist activity with UAVs

– The importance of extreme weather resilience in UAVs

– The benefits of rapid deployment in UAVs

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